Iphone Ringtone Help

This information is also available in our ringtone apps for Iphone by clicking the Help tab.

Step 1.  Download Ringtone to your Phone

Click the Ringtones tab then click the name of the ringtone you want to download underneath where it says Click to Save.    You can preview the sound by clicking the ringtone icons underneath where it says Preview.

Step 2.   Transfer Ringtone to iTunes

After saving ringtone to your device, you must connect it to a computer to be able to use it as a custom ringtone.  All ringtone applications use this method as there is no current work around.

Connect your device to PC/Mac, open iTunes, see device listed under DEVICES, choose it.

Click Apps on the top of iTunes.

Scroll down to the bottom of the apps tab.

Find and click this application's name in the File Sharing section, then all ringtones show up in the Documents section to the right of that.

Click the ringtone files and drag them to your desktop and drop them.  Drag the ringtone files from your desktop to Library and drop them.  Check the Ringtones section under Library to confirm they are there.

Step 3.  Sync Ringtones to Device

If you manage music and videos manually start here, if not, skip to Step 4

Select Ringtones under Library in iTunes.

Drag them to Devices and drop them.

Click the Ringtones folder under Devices and confirm they are there.  You are done syncing.  Enjoy your new ringtones!

Step 4.   This step is only needed if you don't manage music and videos manually.

Click Ringtones on the top of iTunes.

Check the box on Sync Ringtones.

Click the Apply button, then the Sync button on the bottom right.  You are done!